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Delight customers, increase revenue, and boost your bottom line.

Boost Sales, Efficiency, and Customer Loyalty with VOICEplug AI


Ensure 100% customers or orders are captured in wait/queue, driving enhanced sales and customer satisfaction.


Reduce labor costs per order by 50 to 75% while enhancing operational efficiency.


12 to 25% increase in average check size per order through AI driven personalized upselling.


15 to 20% increase in repeat orders within a month through AI driven targeted customer engagement and retention.

Enhancing Customer Service with Voice AI: Joe Bisogno's Journey

Joe’s compelling testimonial doesn’t just shed light on his experience with VOICEplug AI solutions – it serves as an inspirational call to action for fellow restaurant owners and operators. As he delves into the transformative potential of Voice AI, Joe emphasizes the critical importance of embracing technology as a driving force in the industry.

Joe Bisogno
GoodCents Deli Sub

Explore the journey of Olga’s Kitchen with VOICEplug AI

“We are thrilled to partner with VOICEplug AI to streamline our operations and provide our customers with an enhanced and personalized ordering experience.”

Ryan Jones
Vice President of Operations, Olga’s Kitchen
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Revolutionizing Service at Rusty’s Pizza Parlor

Discover how Rusty’s Pizza Parlor revolutionized its operations with PizzaVOICE, an AI-driven solution. Facing labor shortages and increasing customer expectations, Rusty’s leveraged this technology to enhance service quality and operational efficiency.

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Elevate Your Restaurant With VOICEplug AI

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Personalized Selling for Improved Customer Experience

With VOICEplug AI, personalized selling becomes your everyday reality. The customer experience gets transformed at various stages:

  1. Tailored Recommendations: When a customer engages with  your restaurant, the AI remembers their dietary preferences and suggests suitable menu  items.
  2. Enhanced business insights: AI will provide detailed data insights that can help you design your menus, plan your promotions  and increase efficiency.
  3. Repeat business: Satisfied customers are more likely to return. Our clients have reported a significant increase of up to 20% in the orders within a month of using VOICEplug AI.

Less Wait Time, More Revenue

Boosting your restaurant efficiency is at the heart of what VOICEplug AI does.

  1. Serve More Customers Efficiently: With VOICEplug AI, order abandonment is less than 1%. Our Al is capable of anticipating and handling orders with unmatched scalability and adaptability, so that you can serve more customers with ease.
  2. Precision Order taking: Common issues such as order errors and slow service are resolved by our Voice AI technology. Our tech complements your existing systems, paving the way for smoother, faster service that not only improves customer satisfaction but also encourages repeat visits.

24X7 Assistant

VOICEplug AI is your tireless partner, operational day and night. Whether it’s a busy weekend or holiday rush, it’s always up and running, ensuring seamless service.

  1. Handling The Heat of Rush Hours: VOICEplug AI manages large volume of simultaneous orders including the most complex ones like Build-Your-Own items, Combos or , half n halfs with ease and across the operating hours
  2. Elevating Customer Experience: Uninterrupted reliable service makes food ordering a truly delightful experience for your customers. Your service will always be on point and like clockwork, leading to glowing reviews and happy customers.

Restaurant Staff Retention

Retaining your most talented team members in an industry constrained by labor supply is no longer a far fetched dream. VOICEplug AI helps you retain your employees by:

  1. Ease the Load of Your Staff: The AI takes the pressure off your team by reducing their workload and allowing them to focus on serving the walk-in and dine-in customers.
  2. Happy Customers, Happy Team: The consistent quality of service and customer satisfaction delivered by the AI directly contributes to happier vibes and motivated restaurant staff.
  3. No more burnt out staff: Staff runs the restaurant and not the other way around. Reducing stress and achieving a comfortable work life balance is crucial to making sure that everyone feels in control. VOICEplug AI makes this a reality!

Let AI take the Call, You elevate the Art of Dining.


Transform Your Pizza Business with PizzaVOICE

Experience the next generation of ordering with PizzaVOICE, exclusively designed to cater to the unique demands of pizza ordering. With zero missed phone orders, no hold or wait times for customers and high order accuracy , your pizza restaurants will see faster order turnaround times, increased average check size, and an overall rise in efficiency.

Drive-Thru AI

Revolutionize Your Drive-Thru with VOICEplug AI

Drive into the future of speedy and convenient service with Drive-Thru AI. You experience a significant rise in order accuracy and efficiency and your customers enjoy the personalized interaction with the AI. Drive-Thru AI helps in increasing average order value by intelligently upselling and cutting down wait times and order delays. Drive-Thru AI delivers a smooth and speedy ordering experience that keeps customers coming back.

Phone AI

Elevate Your Phone Service with VOICEplug AI’s Phone AI

VOICEplug’s Phone AI is the cutting edge solution to modern customer service and engagement. Phone AI manages order handling flawlessly and ensures zero calls are missed. It also handles standard inquiries and informs customers about limited time offers. Your customers experience zero hold times and a remarkable personalized interaction. Your staff can focus on providing exceptional face-to-face customer service to walk-in and dine-in customers.

Kiosk AI

Experience the Future of Self Ordering with VOICEplug AI’s Kiosk AI

VOICEplug’s Kiosk AI solution, that can be deployed inside or outside the restaurant, takes the queuing away from the cashier, redefining
convenience and efficiency. The intuitive and interactive Voice AI technology improves customer experience through personalized touchless ordering interaction. . Customers can order easily and naturally, just like ordering at the counter. VOICEplug’s fully conversational AI understands the modifications and preferences of the customers and they can view their order on the screen.

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