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VOICEplug Kiosk AI: Innovating Customer Service Through Voice Technology

Advance to the forefront of customer engagement with VOICEplug Kiosk AI, the epitome of voice AI innovation that's transforming kiosk interactions. Expertly engineered for seamless integration, Kiosk AI equips your Kiosk stations with advanced conversational capabilities, marrying rapid transactional efficiency with the nuanced sophistication of interactive technology to redefine the self-service experience.

Key Features

Ease of ordering:

When ordering through VOICEplug Kiosk AI, the ordering experience is natural, easy, and convenient. It provides the ability to place an order seamlessly – just like at the cash register. Completely conversational, and Customers are able to see their order on the screen as they place it. The use of no-touch kiosks and hands-free interaction helps maintain hygiene.

Seamless Labor Solutions:

Mitigate the challenge of labor shortages by deploying Kiosk AI, offering customers a natural and engaging conversational experience without the need for additional skilled staff.

Queue Reduction:

Dissolve long lines and wait times with Kiosk AI, inviting customers to engage in an efficient ordering process that does not keep anyone waiting to be serviced even during peak hours.

Cost-Efficient Operations:

Implement Kiosk AI to streamline your service model, significantly reducing labor costs while enhancing customer throughput.

Intelligent Customer Interaction:

Leverage Kiosk AI’s intelligent upselling to highlight popular combos and upgrades, increasing average order values with personalized interactions.

VOICEpod Integration:

Behind the scenes, VOICEpod works in concert with Kiosk AI, filtering out background noise for crystal-clear communication and honing in on the customer’s voice for focused service.

Ambient Noise Filtration:

VOICEpod’s advanced noise cancellation ensures that Kiosk AI hears only the customer, even in the busiest of environments and neglects all background noise, human and non-human


Enhanced Order Precision:

Customers can effortlessly monitor and confirm their orders, ensuring accuracy and satisfaction with every transaction.

Voice Biometrics:

With VOICEplug’s voice biometric technology, Kiosk AI recognizes returning customers, offering a personalized service by recalling previous orders and preferences.

Streamlined Customer Experience:

Kiosk AI not only expedites the ordering process but elevates the entire customer journey, from entry to meal enjoyment.

Operational Excellence:

Adopting Kiosk AI means investing in operational excellence, securing a competitive edge in the dynamic food service industry.

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