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Welcome to Smarter Pizza Order taking with PizzaVOICE

Introducing PizzaVOICE – VOICEplug AI's dedicated Phone AI solution engineered exclusively for the unique needs of pizzerias. From custom orders like Half and Half pizzas to the intricate details of a Build Your Own Pizza, PizzaVOICE handles it all with ease and precision, ensuring every customer's request is met with unmatched accuracy.

Key Features

Specialized Order Handling:

PizzaVOICE specializes in complex orders – whether it’s choosing toppings, sizes, or applying coupons, no detail is too small for our intelligent system.

Intelligent Upselling:

Watch your average check size grow with PizzaVOICE’s smart upselling feature, intuitively suggesting the perfect additions to every order.

Round-the-Clock Reliability

PizzaVOICE’s AI doesn’t sleep, so your phone lines are never busy. PizzaVOICE works 24/7 to keep your pizzeria running smoothly, no matter the hour.

Personalization and Memory:

PizzaVOICE doesn’t just take orders – it remembers the customer and their orders. Personalize your customer’s experience with AI that recalls personal choices including dietary preferences, previous orders, promoting loyalty and repeat business.

All-Inclusive Compatibility:

PizzaVOICE fits right into your current system, compatible with various POS systems and ready to support multiple languages and dialects.

Data-Driven and Adaptable:

Leverage the power of data with an AI that learns from each interaction, continuously optimizing for better performance and customer satisfaction.


Enhanced Customer Experience:

Experience the joy of zero missed phone orders and a significant reduction in wait times, all contributing to a superior customer experience.

Operational Efficiency:

With PizzaVOICE, streamline your operations for faster delivery and free up your staff to focus on providing top-notch dine-in service.

Employee Satisfaction:

Reduce staff burnout by offloading repetitive order-taking tasks to PizzaVOICE, fostering a better work environment and boosting employee retention.

Make PizzaVOICE the backbone of your ordering process and witness a marked improvement in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability. It’s time to let PizzaVOICE take your pizzeria to the next level of innovation and success.

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Discover how Rusty’s Pizza Parlor revolutionized its operations with PizzaVOICE, an AI-driven solution. Facing labor shortages and increasing customer expectations, Rusty’s leveraged this technology to enhance service quality and operational efficiency.

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