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Our Values

Impact Focussed
  1. We seek to impact human lives and experiences positively, through continuous innovation, development and application of technology.
  2. We strive to make technology work for humans and adapt to human’s natural behavior.
  3. We are committed to create best-in-class products that exceed expectations of our customers.
Culture Conscious
  1. We respect and encourage individual responsibility, opportunity, and advancement, combined with a balance between career and personal lives.
  2. We believe in having fun while adhering to our core values when pursuing our respective goals and company’s objectives.
Value Driven
  1. We uphold the highest standards of honesty and integrity in our being and dealing with all company stakeholders and the society in general.
  2. We believe in being diligent in all our actions and being responsible in delivering on our commitments by setting expectations that we can meet.
Open & Fair
  1. We encourage open expression. We have an obligation to share our ideas. We understand that the best decisions are made by listening to one another and synthesizing our diverse views.
  2. We will always work with kindness and fairness to ourselves and every other stakeholder when taking any decisions or acting on them.

Perks & Benefits

Attractive Compensation

We are committed to attracting and motivating top talent. To draw in the finest candidates, we provide competitive compensation packages that meet or exceed market standards.

Annual Incentive Program

We offer a competitive bonus structure to motivate teams to achieve our big goals.

Employee equity grants

Equity grants are accessible to acknowledge and motivate qualified employees to sustain exceptional performance.

Flexible working

We allow you to work from the comfort of your home, we prioritize relationships and assist our managers in organizing face-to-face meetings. We also provide chances for nearby team members to meet up.

Monthly Mental Health Wellness Program

Our Employee assistance program providers assures the best support for our employees via conducting regular webinars ,counselling ,nutrition, sleep program…etc.

Medical Insurance

We offer market-leading health benefits for our employees.

Paid Time off

Flexible Paid Time Off is offered globally to all our full-time employees to rest and recharge.

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