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Simplify Your Restaurant’s Food Ordering Process with VOICEplug AI’s Advanced Technology

Elevate your food ordering experience with VOICEplug AI, the specialized AI-driven voice assistant, meticulously designed to address the restaurant industry’s unique challenges.

Custom-Built for Restaurants:

Unlike generic Voice AI solutions, VOICEplug AI solution has been crafted to tackle the complexities of menus and ordering workflows prevalent in the food service industry. From addressing peak hour phone order volumes to optimizing drive-thru efficiency, VOICEplug AI reduces order errors and speeds up service, ensuring every customer interaction is frictionless and satisfactory.

Understanding Your Customers' Voices:

VOICEplug AI understands diverse customer accents and dialects. The AI is trained on thousands of hours of dialogues from real restaurant-customer interactions. This proficiency facilitates effortless and natural interactions between your customers and VOICEplug AI’s Ordering solutions. Customers feel inclusive and are able to interact with the AI naturally.

Beyond Traditional Interaction:

VOICEplug AI is redefining customer interaction. AI supports interruptions and additions mid-conversation, just like talking to a well trained staff member. The conversations are personable and engaging, thus improving customer experience right from the first touch point.

Effortless Integration, Maximum Impact:

VOICEplug AI is designed to plug into your current setup seamlessly. Our AI solutions are currently integrated with over 50 restaurant technology systems including Point of Sale Systems, Online Ordering Systems, Loyalty and Payment Systems. A smooth and seamless integration enables an immediate improvement in operational efficiency with absolutely no down time for the business.

Customize Your Brand’s Voice:

Leverage VOICEplug AI to amplify your brand by utilizing unique features such as Sonic Branding. This creates a distinctive and engaging experience for your customers with an AI persona resonating with your brand identity, setting your restaurant apart from the competition.

Adaptive Learning for Continuous Improvement:

At VOICEplug AI, commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at deployment. Our AI technology continuously learns from live interactions, evolving to continuously exceed customer expectations, and match their preferences. With time, the ongoing enhancements improve performance, ensuring your restaurant always stays ahead of the curve in the food service industry.

Take the next step in Restaurant Innovation

Experience the future of off-premise food ordering service with VOICEplug AI. Explore VOICEplug AI solutions your way. Every restaurant’s needs are unique, and so should be your exploration of our solutions. Choose the path that suits you best:
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Sophisticated Pizza Ordering Made Simple. Handling everything from 'Half-and-Half' pizzas to 'Build Your Own Pizza' and complex combos, PizzaVOICE navigates special requests and modifications with ease. Its intelligent system manages toppings, sizes, slices, and coupons, all while remembering your repeat customers' preferences for a truly personalized service.

VOICEplug Phone AI

Your Restaurant's Ultimate Ordering Assistant. By managing phone orders and inquiries efficiently, Phone AI relieves your staff to focus on providing exceptional service to walk-in customers, truly transforming your restaurant's efficiency and customer satisfaction.

VOICEplug Drive-Thru AI

Accelerate Your Drive-Thru Performance. Achieve unparalleled order accuracy and enhance customer experiences with intelligent upselling, directly boosting your average order value. Advanced Drive-Thru AI technology significantly reduces wait times, streamlining service and ensuring customer satisfaction for repeat business.

VOICEplug Kiosk AI

Experience the Kiosk Evolution with VOICEplug AI. Experience the ease of intuitive ordering with VOICEplug Kiosk AI, designed to mimic natural counter interactions for a user-friendly experience. Upgrade to Kiosk AI and transform your ordering process into a safe, seamless, and satisfying customer journey.

Retain your Staff. Maximize your earnings.

Seamless Integration with Your Existing Tech Stack

No need to start from scratch. VOICEplug AI seamlessly integrates with over 80 POS systems, online ordering platforms, payment systems and other restaurant technology systems allowing you to enhance your current setup without any disruptions or additional headaches.

AI Technologies
AI Technologies
Payment Gateways
Payment Gateways
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POS System
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Order Aggregator
Loyalty Application
Loyalty Application
AI Technologies
Payment Gateways
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Order Aggregator
Loyalty Application

Why VOICEplugAI?

At VOICEplug AI, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the restaurant industry with state-of-the-art Voice AI technology. AI systems are designed not just to hear but to understand and respond, turning every customer interaction from ordinary to extraordinary and significantly boosting your order capture and revenue.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction:

Embrace the power of automation and bid farewell to the challenges of labor shortages and high operational costs. VOICEplug AI refines your processes, dramatically reducing the need for additional labor and enabling you to upscale effortlessly, cost-effectively meeting the growing demands of your business.

Customer Connection and Brand Control:

Liberate your customer engagement from third-party constraints. VOICEplug AI's direct interface fosters a bespoke, interactive ordering experience. Cultivate deeper customer relationships and exercise greater control over your brand narrative, ensuring loyalty and repeat business.

Unmatched Support for Seamless Onboarding and Maintenance:

Transition effortlessly to VOICEplugAI with the backing of our dedicated Customer Success Manager and expert AI Support Team. From onboarding to ongoing operations, we provide personalized assistance to ensure smooth operations, leaving you to focus on delighting your customers and growing your business.

Tailored for High Volume and Growth:

VOICEplug AI is the ideal solution for bustling eateries and expanding dining establishments seeking to maximize efficiency with limited resources. AI system thrives in high-order volume settings, empowering mid-size deployments to elevate their service and scale up effortlessly. With VOICEplug AI, growing restaurants can achieve more, streamlining operations to meet increasing demand without stretching their resources thin.

Accelerated Value for Mid-Size Restaurant Chains:

Mid-size restaurant chains can fast-track their growth with VOICEplug AI's advanced and patented AI technology, backed by the team of implementation experts. VOICEplug AI is designed to deliver tailored solutions that fit perfectly with your restaurant's unique needs, ensuring a smooth transition at every step. Benefit from our comprehensive customer success framework that sets you up for sustained growth and long-term success in a competitive marketplace.

Innovative Patented Technology with Industry Expertise:

Leverage the cutting-edge, patented Voice AI technology of VOICEplug AI, crafted to facilitate natural voice conversations between humans and businesses. At the helm, our management team and board consist of seasoned veterans from the food and beverage industry. With extensive experience in building and managing successful restaurant chains, they bring invaluable insights and a deep understanding of the hospitality world to ensure that VOICEplug AI solutions align with the real needs of food service businesses.

Raise the standard of service, streamline your operations, and enhance your restaurant’s profitability with VOICEplug AI – the intersection of innovative technology and exceptional hospitality.

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