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Our Purpose and Mission

We are a team driven by a common purpose of “Enabling Technology to speak the human language”

Our mission is to make human experiences with technology exponentially more accessible, natural, easy and fun. We empower businesses to lead Voice Commerce by providing custom Voice AI solutions, enabling their customers to use natural voice as the preferred interface.

Our Story

Enabling technology to speak the human language

Shared Values

  1. We seek to impact human lives and experiences positively, through continuous innovation, development and application of technology.
  2. We strive to make technology work for humans and adapt to human’s natural behavior.
  3. We respect and encourage individual responsibility, opportunity, and advancement, combined with a balance between career and personal lives.
  4. We encourage open expression. We have an obligation to share our ideas. We understand that the best decisions are made by listening to one another and synthesizing our diverse views.
  5. We will create best-in-class products that exceed expectations of our customers.
  6. We uphold the highest standards of honesty and integrity in our being and dealing with all company stakeholders and the society in general.
  7. We will always work with kindness and fairness to ourselves and every other stakeholder when taking any decisions or acting on them.
  8. We believe in being diligent in all our actions and being responsible in delivering on our commitments by setting expectations that we can meet.
  9. We consider ourselves life-long learners, by being open to new ideas and actively seeking new knowledge.
  10. We believe in having fun while adhering to our core values when pursuing our respective goals and company’s objectives.

Meet The Team

Jay Ruparel

Co-Founder & CEO

Jay is a serial entrepreneur, passionate about building technology products and solutions that create a positive impact on the world. He co-founded VOICEplug in early 2020 to build and offer products that make it seamless and easy for businesses to add Voice AI interfaces to their existing systems and applications.

LinkedIn: Jay Ruparel


Co-Founder & Advisor

Dr. Allen is a serial entrepreneur and executive, with experience leading organisations from inception to profitable growth to successful exit. He is a Co-Founder & Advisor at VOICEplug, providing strategic inputs and leadership coaching covering marketing, finance and legal areas.

LinkedIn: Dr. Mark Allen


Co-Founder & Head of Partnerships

Randy is a Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships and Products at VoicePlug. He is a seasoned restaurant technology consultant with over 25 years of experience and have consulted to hundreds of independent, quick serve, fast casual, fine dining, and restaurant chains across the country.

LinkedIn: Randy Chin


Co-Founder & Head of Engineering

Shweta is a technical Co-Founder and leads Engineering at VOICEplug, ensuring the latest and greatest in NLP, Deep Learning, Voice Technology and UX Design is leveraged by the engineering team to build robust and scalable products that enable plug-and-play Voice AI interfaces for businesses.

LinkedIn: Shweta Ruparel


Kuldeep Yadav

Director – Products

Kuldeep is Director for products at VOICEplug, leading the product management and customer implementations functions. He has over 8 years of professional experience in Product Management at early-stage startups and larger multi-national firms building and scaling IoT and AI products.

LinkedIn: Kuldeep Yadav

Raja Duraisingam

Principal Engineer – AI Products

Raja is a Principal engineer of AI products at VOICEplug responsible for the design, build & deployment of the Conversational AI stack. Prior to VOICEplug, he has a decade of experience in the IT industry and has worked at AstraZeneca & Cognizant Technology Solutions managing the IT Infrastructure.

LinkedIn: Raja Duraisingam


Advisory Board Member

Mark Schostak is a partner in a fourth generation family business, Schostak Family Enterprises (SFE). The entities include TEAM Schostak Family Restaurants; Schostak Family Investments Co.; Schostak Brothers & Co., Inc., a diversified commercial real-estate company; and Schostak-Fisher Group, a residential real estate developer.

Mark runs the family restaurant business, TEAM Schostak Family Restaurants (TSFR) which was started in 1981 when he was a freshman at the University of Michigan. Today, TSFR has a portfolio of over 160 casual dining, family dining, fast casual, and quick service restaurants.

Joe Bisogno

Advisory Board Member

Joe Bisogno has been an entrepreneur for 45 years and is considered a franchise expert. He owns manufacturing companies, alongside many other entities. He spent 11 years in Corporate America and has always looked at learning business as a way of life. An infamous quote you can find Joe saying is “If you call this work, I want more of it.”

Today, he sits as the founder of multiple companies. Each one has its own company president that reports to Bisogno. He loves the challenge of developing and building businesses, mentoring new business leaders, and guiding entrepreneurs in fulfilling their visions.

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