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VOICEplug Phone AI

Call your favorite restaurant while driving for
pickup on the way.

VOICEplug Phone AI is a unique AI-enabled platform that allows you to place food orders using natural language voice conversations by interacting with a voice bot. Say, “I want a Coffee” and the bot will understand what you mean and respond accordingly.

Using our VOICE-AI, restaurants can handle multiple phone orders simultaneously without placing their customers on hold or subjecting them to a busy tone

VOICEplug Drive-Thru AI

Drive-throughs enabled with Voice-AI instead of humans taking orders.

VOICEplug Drive-thru AI allows customers to place drive-thru orders using voice commands. It leverages the existing drive-thru infrastructure while using voice recognition and natural language processing to place orders. You can now drive up to the speaker, talk to the VOICE-AI agent place your order and head straight to the collection point.

VOICEplug Web & Mobile AI

Speak your order to the restaurant’s website or mobile app.

VOICEplug Web & Mobile AI is a voice-driven food ordering solution that plugs into existing web and mobile applications, enabling customers to place orders using natural language voice conversations. Customers can now browse through your menu, look for menu items with specific choices or ingredients, complete payments and much more just by using voice inputs.

Hear GINA, our food ordering assistant in action!

Phone Order: Quick personalized food ordering experience

Phone Order: New customer food ordering experience

Drive Thru: Quick personalized food ordering experience