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Revolutionizing Service at Rusty’s Pizza Parlor

Transforming Operations by PizzaVOICE Integration Across All Locations

Discover how Rusty’s Pizza Parlor revolutionized its operations with PizzaVOICE, an AI-driven solution. Facing labor shortages and increasing customer expectations, Rusty’s leveraged this technology to enhance service quality and operational efficiency.

A Slice of the Future with PizzaVOICE

The Dilemma: A Tangled Phone Line

Rusty’s Pizza Parlor was grappling with several challenges:

  • Staffing Limitations: Insufficient staff to handle peak times.
  • High Call Volumes: Overwhelming number of phone orders.
  • Missed Orders: Potential revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction due to missed calls.

These issues were straining the in-house call center, leading to a noticeable decline in order processing efficiency.

The PizzaVOICE Adoption

To overcome these hurdles, Rusty’s integrated PizzaVOICE across all its locations. This AI-powered solution seamlessly managed:

  • Order Capture: Streamlined order-taking process.
  • Customer Inquiries: Efficient handling of common questions.
  • Promotions and Offers: Informing customers about current deals and limited-time offers.
  • Intelligent Upselling: Suggestive selling techniques to boost average order value.
  • Customer Personalization: Tailored interactions based on customer preferences.
  • Bilingual Support: Catering to both English and Spanish-speaking customers.
The Results: A Quantifiable Success

The impact of PizzaVOICE on Rusty’s operations was substantial:

  • Order-to-Call Conversion: Surged above 95%, indicating a high success rate in converting calls to orders.
  • AI Efficiency: Managed 70-85% of orders, reducing dependency on human operators.
  • Order Accuracy: Significant improvement, leading to fewer errors.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Enhanced service quality encouraged repeat business.

Post-implementation, Rusty’s not only improved its operational efficiency but also boosted customer satisfaction, leading to increased loyalty and revenue.


Rusty’s Pizza Parlor’s transformation through PizzaVOICE showcases the power of AI in addressing common challenges faced by large pizza restaurant chains. By adopting this innovative solution, Rusty’s significantly improved its order management, customer service, and overall operational efficiency.

About Rusty’s Pizza Parlor

Founded in 1969, Rusty’s Pizza Parlor is a beloved local chain in Santa Barbara, California. Known for its commitment to quality, Rusty’s prepares its pizzas fresh daily, using premium ingredients for their 18 locations across Santa Barbara and Bakersfield. With a focus on community involvement, Rusty’s supports local events and organizations, enhancing its reputation as more than just a pizza place. They offer a diverse menu, including classic pizzas, sandwiches, salads, and more, catering to a wide range of tastes.

For more information, visit Rusty’s Pizza Parlor.

About PizzaVOICE

PizzaVOICE is an AI-driven solution designed by VoicePlug Inc. to transform the restaurant industry by streamlining the order-taking process and enhancing customer service. It efficiently manages high call volumes, accurately captures orders, handles customer inquiries, promotes current deals, and uses intelligent upselling techniques. With features like customer personalization and bilingual support, PizzaVOICE reduces dependency on human operators, increases order accuracy, and boosts customer satisfaction. This innovative technology helps restaurants overcome staffing limitations and improve overall operational efficiency, making it a must-have for modern eateries seeking to enhance their service quality and operational performance.

For more information and demo audio, visit PizzaVOICE.ai

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