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VOICEplug AI team with Bradley Metrock from project voice

A tete-a-tete with Bradley Metrock: A top entrepreneur and evangelist in the Voice AI industry


Last week, the VOICEplug team had the opportunity to interact with Bradley Metrock. Bradley needs no introduction because of his immense contribution to the voice AI industry. He is the CEO of Project Voice, a General Partner of Project Voice Capital Partners, and a board advisor at VOICEplug AI. He has been an Evangelist and a thought leader on voice ai technology. Jay Ruparel CEO and Co-Founder of VOICEplug moderated the session, which was attended by the entire VOICEplug team.

Jay reminisced about meeting Bradley at his event in Chattanooga in the middle of the pandemic. Bradley was organizing a 40-city roadshow across the nation to support companies in the Voice AI industry who were dealing with business challenges. Jay said (quote) “I’ve always believed and learned in life that it’s, people who make businesses right, rather than the other way around. Bradley is a great example of that.”

Bradley added to it by sharing his experience, “so that was the genesis of a 40-city tour that lasted from January through April 2021 from the West coast, to the middle of the country, and the East Coast. And it’s great. I can’t tell you how great it is, just to hear you recount that which I wasn’t expecting to hear about at all.”

You will fail in your comfort zone

Throughout his interaction with the VOICEplug team, Bradley emphasized getting out of his comfort zone and taking the leap ahead and how it comes to seizing opportunities. Bradley took us through his journey and how he navigated with a positive attitude and revised mindset choosing the right opportunities.
“When you embrace discomfort, all you’re really saying is that you are prioritizing correctly. You’re getting on with the things that need to be done. You’re doing them now. And, the way this whole thing started about talking about going out and visiting everybody, that was my mindset. My urgency level was different. I didn’t have it. You know, my mindset was different on growth.”

DNA of VOICEplug

On VOICEplug, Bradley was quick to elaborate on the DNA of the VOICEplug management and the team. He appreciated the VOICEplug teams’ commitment to the task in the voice AI industry. He weighed upon the zeal to scout out new successes, and not live off the past wins. Bradley highlighted that it’s rare to find such a management team. In his words, quote, “But it’s rare. It’s all about the management team. It’s all about who’s running the show and who’s running the show, How is the show being run? What is the culture of the company?”

Bring the voice revolution

On a closing note, he stressed that the VOICEplug team should act as a change agent in the voice ai industry. The focus has to be on seizing the right opportunity. There are three ways of making a difference:

  1. Be grateful,
  2. Take a pause
  3. Reorient your approach

It was truly inspiring and thought-provoking to listen to Bradley’s journey. We thank him for sharing key life-changing events with us.